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Aesthetic and functional dual expression, architectural decoration design how to use acrylic materials to refresh the space?

May 23, 2024

Latest company case about Aesthetic and functional dual expression, architectural decoration design how to use acrylic materials to refresh the space?

Aesthetic and functional dual expression, architectural decoration design how to use acrylic materials to refresh the space?


In the field of contemporary architectural design, how to find a balance between function and aesthetics is a topic that designers continue to explore.

As an innovative material, acrylic board with its excellent transparency and unique texture, colorful colors and flexible modeling, incarnation of partitions, walls, ceilings and other decorative elements, whether in private homes, commercial scenes, or public places and other


Architectural Spaces, are blooming a breathtaking charm.

1. The beauty of materials, innovative expression of acrylic and space aesthetics.

a color matching: Acrylic material has a rich choice of colors, designers can choose the right acrylic color according to the overall style and tone of the space. Through clever color matching, you can create a unique space atmosphere, so that the space is full of new vitality.

b Modeling creativity: The plasticity of acrylic materials allows designers to break through the traditional shape restrictions and create a variety of unique shapes, thereby adding interest and artistry to the space, making the space more personalized and unique

2. Excellent function, acrylic adds extra points to the safety and practicality of the building.

a Impact resistance and safety: acrylic material has a very high transparency, can be comparable to glass, at the same time more lightweight, easy to install and transport. Compared with traditional glass materials, acrylic materials also have better impact resistance, even if affected by impact is not easy to break; As a result, acrylic materials are more secure in architectural Spaces.

b Weather resistance and stability: acrylic material has good weather resistance and stability, and can maintain stable performance in a variety of harsh environments, which makes acrylic material in the building space has a longer service life, reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement.

So, how to use acrylic materials in architectural decoration design to refresh the space?

It can be said that acrylic materials can not only provide a beautiful decorative effect for the space, but also improve the safety, comfort and sustainability of the building, so that the contemporary architectural space shows a fancy application, so that our living space is more colorful. It is worth mentioning that the high light transmission of acrylic material makes it an excellent choice for lighting design, and lighting effects can be added to add mystery and romantic atmosphere to the space when the acrylic architectural decoration design is carried out.

In addition, because the decorative art of architectural space involves aesthetics, color science, material science, psychology, etc., it is the cross-product of various disciplines, popular trends, innovative materials, and aesthetic concepts. Among them, the "burden" of materials is particularly important, not only to carry a variety of design languages, but also to fully meet the final space presentation requirements combined with the characteristics of the material itself. Therefore, when implementing the acrylic architectural decoration program, we must consider the comprehensive performance of the material, the real effect, the service life, etc., and choose high-quality acrylic sheets.

BESTA acrylic, to meet the high standard of all kinds of building space decoration requirements!

BESTA has many years of sheet metal manufacturing technology, from the supply of raw materials to product production, warehousing, shipping all aspects of strict control, quality to meet the European Union and national standards, its sheet in all aspects of performance in the domestic similar products in the leading level.

BESTA has 20 years of experience in the production of acrylic panels, diverse product specifications, and the effect of each texture is also unique, which can give more possibilities to architectural space design; And the coloring effect is good, the color effect is good, especially in the color development and design has a professional solution. BESTA conducts color development according to the industry color trend, continuously expands the color database, and has a rich standard color library for customers to choose from a variety of projects, which is very suitable for the high standard requirements of various architectural space decoration fields.

The pursuit of excellent quality is the unremitting pursuit of BESTA people. BESTA not only provides high-quality products for the market, but also provides integrated services such as program support, customized production, logistics and distribution, and cooperative customers throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa and many other countries and regions.

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